Why this website?

Posted by   actorJH on    October 16, 2013

As a baby I was interested in how things work. As a young boy I enjoyed making things, and climbing trees, and adults seemed puzzling to me. As a teenager I had some style, and liked competence in people. My natural facility for comprehending maths and physics gave me a seemingly exclusive place to excel. In my twenties, paid well to work on boundary integral equations, I began losing interest in number crunching, and wanted answers to less easily answered questions.

Joseph Harriott in 1965

In my thirties I read incessantly, began psychotherapy, wandered lost, took up vigorous yoga, and 5-rythms dance, and loved nature, and wanted to be more forcefully present in my life. So I began working for a vibrant and creative street theatre company. In my fourties I burned out physically, but still co-created a much-loved play - "Leonardo". I meditated, and contemplated the human condition, fell in love again, and made a baby.

Now I am 50, and living in a foreign country. I've enjoyed almost every moment of the many hundreds of hours that I've been paid to perform in plays, but I have no acting training, and little speech experience.

So this site is a little shop window on me, odd-ball that I am.

Are you looking for an actor like me for your project? I'm a brainy modest type, long and thin, capable of giving a lot, with lots of other skills. I think for myself, but communicate well, and I still like competence, in all things. And I'm looking for more acting work - hence this site.